#FreebieFriday: Seven Sundays Muesli

I love granola, but usually it is so high in sugar and calories that it’s better suited to be a dessert than a healthy meal. That’s why I’m so excited to have found, and to share with you, Seven Sundays Muesli. Like granola, muesli, a popular cereal in Europe, is a balanced combination of all-natural grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits, but it has far less sugar and calories and no added oil or fat. I enjoy Seven Sundays muesli with nonfat milk poured over it, or stirring it into nonfat Greek yogurt for a satisfying breakfast or lunch.

A serving of Seven Sundays muesli contains:

  • 1/4 of your daily value of fiber
  • 6 – 8 grams of protein
  • 11 grams or less of sugar (all natural, unrefined)
  • all natural, non GMO (genetically-modified) ingredients

To win one of two variety packs of Seven Sundays muesli, including flavors like Ginger-Pear Macadamia, Vanilla Cherry Pecan, and Original Toasted Muesli, please leave a comment below or our Facebook page by Friday, December 14th at midnight letting me know if and where you’ve tried muesli.

4 thoughts on “#FreebieFriday: Seven Sundays Muesli

elaine@siriusacupuncture.com says:

Breakfast every morning is yogurt and apples and raisins with uncooked oatmeal — kind of like muesli. I bet that combo would be a lot better with these flavors.

bethalaw@gmail.com says:

I fell in love with muesli while studying in Germany in college. I make my own granola now but would love to find a good muesli.

Katharine says:

I’ve tried trader Joe’s a few times, I’d live to try this brand too, looks super yummy!

caliban499@hotmail.com says:

I’ve tried muesli a few times, but it always seemed boring. The flavor selections in these variety packs would definitely be interesting, and I think I’d use some as a topping for a fruit dessert, like a crisp or a crumble.

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