Meal Planning for Kosher Diets


When I went back to work after having my second child, I was overwhelmed with the task of serving healthy dinners to my family at the end of a long work day.  I learned about The Scramble and immediately signed up.  To say we have been pleased is an understatement.  My family keeps kosher, and we are always able to eat your recipes by either making the modifications you suggest or simple alternatives.  The meals are always delicious.  The variety is refreshing.  My 3-year-old raves, “Mommy, that was VERY good.” Thanks so much for The Scramble. –Lisa F., Evanston, IL



Though not specifically Kosher, most Scramble recipes are useful for people following a Kosher diet:

  • Three of the suggested meals each week are meatless, and those that have meat often don’t use dairy in the same recipe.
  • When dairy is included, substitutes can often be used successfully.
  • Occasionally recipes do call for shellfish or pork (usually once per month), but substitutions can  easily be made.
  • You can also create custom meal plans by selecting the Kosher option in our recipe search.


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It is hard for emotion to come through an electronically written note…but if this was written w/ pen and paper, there would be tear marks on the paper. I want to thank you for putting yourself out there and creating the Six O’clock Scramble.  I’m a single Mom working full time and a full time graduate student, recently through a divorce and move and my kids are 5 year old twins.  Since the divorce, I haven’t felt like cooking…too tired…not enough time before the girls need to go to bed…whatever the excuse, I was feeling worse and worse about eating out 6 days a week.  

I’ve been using the Six O’Clock Scramble for 2 weeks now, the girls like the food, and I am loving the prep.  I am beginning to feel like I have some control again.  I am feeling better because we are eating better.  I am wanting to start exercising again :)  I am beginning to feel alive and that we are going to be ok.  I put a lot of that down to being able to make healthy dinners for us.

I also appreciate that you have Kosher as an option.  I like to be able to make Kosher style meals not just for us, but for potlucks and friends from our shul.  Thank you for that too!!

Again, I’m not sure that the depth of gratitude can truly be communicated, but know that my appreciation for what you have given to our lives is immeasurable.

–Bridget C., Hillsboro, Oregon