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This year we had a revolution in our kitchen! After 8 years of packing school lunches in the morning, my husband Andrew and I switched to packing the lunches at night while we’re cleaning up from dinner. This seismic shift was inspired by our son Solomon’s early departure for middle school (his bus comes at 6:55!!), but now that we’ve changed our routine, our mornings are so much calmer that we doubt we’ll ever go back to our old habits.


Solomon and Celia usually bring their lunches to school, and while it’s extra work for Andrew and me, we’re glad to know that they’re eating something nutritious mid-day.  But sometimes we get into a rut of packing the same foods day after day, and it gets pretty dull for the kids. 


Here are 10 creative ideas that might bounce you and your kids out of the lunch rut: 


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corolla says:

You have a way with words, but remember by and large, english is a tool for hiding the truth

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