Check out these great Family Dinner Challenge Prizes!

Thanks to the generosity of the fine companies below, we have some great family dinner giveaways in September of 2013. All you need to do is:

cuisinart Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-cup Food Processor. 14-cup large bowl, 11-cup medium bowl, 4 1/2 cup small bowl.  Has an exclusive patent-pending SealTight ™ Advantage System – seals bowls and locks blades.  Easy on/off locking system with push-button release.  One-piece Supreme ® wide mouth feed tube.  Retractable chord. Retail value $299.




The new Vitamix 7500 Blender. Featuring a high-performance motor for quicker and easier processing of even the most hard-to-prepare ingredients, the Vitamix 7500 effortlessly chops, creams, blends, heats, grinds, and churns, helping users successfully create their favorite recipes. Retail value $529.

    Zojirushi Umami™ Micom Rice Cooker   rice cookerThe Zojirushi Umami™ Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, is multi-function appliance, equipped with a variety of cooking and warming features, including slow-cook, that make it an exceptionally convenient counter-top appliance. The Japanese word for “good flavor” or “deliciousness”, umami is often described as the “fifth taste”.  By using the umami feature on this rice cooker, the user can experience rice that is cooked to perfection through calculated, extended soaking, cooking and steaming times.  Another feature is the slow-cook setting, which makes soups, stews, and other one-pot meals conveniently just a touch away. The Umami™ is also equipped with menu settings for white, mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free and quick cooking.  Suggested retail price $273. 
Dole Nutrition and Fitness products   Dole Yoga Mat, Bag and Exercise BandPrize includes:
Chia 15 Stick Multi Packs of  Milled Seeds Chia Canisters – Whole and Milled Seeds Chia & Fruit Clusters – Assorted Flavors Dole Nutrition Handbook Dole Nutrition Yoga Mat and Bag Dole Nutrition Professional Grade Exercise Band

Value $300+


Le Creuset Round OvenLe Creuset 5 1/2 Quart Round French Oven

Also known as a Dutch oven, this updated kitchen classic enhances the cooking process by evenly distributing heat and locking in the optimal amount of moisture. With ergonomic handles and an advanced interior enamel that resists chipping and cleans easily, Le Creuset’s French ovens blend the best of the past with the latest innovations in comfort and functionality. Retail Value $275

EasyLunchboxes Complete Lunch Set EasyLunchboxes EasyLunchboxes will give away two Complete Lunch Set, each includes: * Compartmentalized Food Containers * Lunch Box Cooler * Mini Dippers Dip and Sauce containers Each complete set is worth $29.85




Fast Fitness to GoFast Fitness to Go

Get a six-month subscription to Fast Fitness to Go. The winner will receive motivational tips, a guide to permanently changing habits, a tracking system to monitor progress, and three new workout videos every month for six months. Each workout is less than 25 minutes and requires no weights or equipment. You can view the workouts on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Retail Value: $97


Edgeware Better ZesterV-Etched Better Zester

The star of the new Smith’s Consumer Products V-etched line of graters is the Better Zester.This zester takes zesting to a new level with its innovative design and features. The V-etched Zester blade is made up of over 300 tiny V- shaped teeth and is covered with a non- stick coating. The food- approved coating allows the zester to smoothly glide across the surface of all types of citrus, while finely zesting the outer layer of skin and not the bitter pith. The Better Zester includes a “fresh zest” storage container with squeegee. This additional accessory gathers the fresh zest as it is grating and the squeegee helps remove the moist zest from the back of the blade. The ergonomically shaped kitchen tool features a non-slip tip and soft touch handle as well as a reusable protective cover. Retail Value: $14.99


Edgeware Parmesan Grater

Parmesan Grater

This extra fine grater is the latest addition to the very popular line of Smith’s Consumer Products V-etched paddle style graters. Available in the fun and fashionable Fuchsia the Parmesan grater features a unique etched style blade designed by the engineers at Smith’s Consumer Products to produce fluffy clouds of hard cheese. The blade is ideal for grating other foods and for zesting all types of citrus. Retail Value: $16.99



Edge Grip 2 Step Knife SharpenerEdge Grip 2-Step Knife Sharpener
The Edge Grip™ 2-Stage Knife Sharpener is lightweight, portable, and easy to use on either a flat surface or the edge of your countertop or table.  Carbide blades and crossed ceramic rods feature pre-set sharpening angles that provide the proper sharpening angle every time.  Carbide blades (Coarse) provide quick edge setting capabilities, and the ceramic rods (Fine) are used for the final edge honing.  These two stages offer the capability to put a razor sharp edge on very dull or damaged blade and touch up already sharp blades. Retail Value: $5.99