Why is family dinner so important?

60 Years Ago, the average dinnertime was 90 minutes. Today it is less than 12 minutes.

Kids and teens who share family dinners 3 or more times per week:

  • Are less likely to be overweight
  • Are more likely to eat healthy foods
  • Perform better academically
  • Are less likely to engage in risky behaviors (drugs, alcohol, sexual activity)
  • Have better relationships with their parents

And "More frequent family dinners are related to fewer emotional and behavioral problems, greater emotional well-being, more trusting and helpful behaviors towards others and higher life satisfaction, "Journal of Adolescent Health" April 2012.

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Thank you to the 7,000 families who signed up for the Family Dinner Challenge!

The Family Dinner Challenge officially ended October 1, 2013 but you can still join us in making family dinners a priority in your home.

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So how do we make family dinners a reality in our homes?

I have found that the key to making family dinners a reality is to plan a few meals in advance and grocery shop once a week with a list.

I’m Aviva Goldfarb, mother of two, cookbook author, family dinner advocate, and founder of the family meal planning site, The Six O’Clock Scramble. When I first had kids, I wanted to make healthy family dinners a priority but I found the whole process daunting and stressful. After lots of trial and error (and some tearful consults with my mom), I developed a simple system to make it unbelievably easy for busy parents to get homemade dinners on the table, even if they work outside the home at intense jobs and their kids have lots of after school activities.

For most families, dinnertime is when parents and kids can all be in the same room at the same time. In my family dinnertime is often the ONLY time we can disconnect from technology and connect with each other around real conversations.

But how can we get more families to eat dinner together?  What if we all make a commitment to ourselves and each other to make family dinners a priority for just one month?

Join thousands of other families to make a difference – one family dinner at a time.

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