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  Aug 17, 2016  #Freebie Fridays 7

Exciting Back-to-School Giveaway–Win a Slow Cooker and $135 Worth of Time-Saving Gifts!

Enter to Win our Back-to-School GiveawayWe know how tough it can be to think about all the things you need to do to get your kids ready for the Back-to-School grind. We want to make it easier on you so we've put together our favorite time-saving prizes for you worth over $135! Enter our giveaway and you could win a prize pack that includes: Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker Lunchskins reusable lunch packing bags 3 coupons for Mom Made Foods meals and snacks EasyLunchBoxes container sets (lunch container set, set of Mini Dippers, and one lunch bag) 3-month membership to The Six O'Clock Scramble Healthy Family Meal Planner Enter to Win the Back-to-School Giveaway The sweepstakes ends on August 31st so enter soon so you don't miss this great giveaway!Visit our giveaway partners to learn more about their great prizes.www.mommadefoods.comwww.lunchskins.comwww.easylunchboxes.comWatch the Video. Easy...
  Jan 12, 2015  #Freebie Fridays 1

#Freebie Friday: Fusion Jerky Takes Jerky to New Heights

Looking for something high in belly-filling protein? What about gluten-free? How about no preservatives, nitrites or artificial ingredients? Would 99% fat-free and low-sodium also appeal? Have I whet your appetite, or at least piqued your curiosity?  This virtuous and delicious snack I’m referring to is Fusion Jerky. Taiwanese born KaiYen Mai grew up in a family passionate about, of all things…jerky.  (In Taiwan, jerky is a celebrated delicacy, akin to fine wine.)  For nearly 50 years, her family honed their craft and developed recipes that have been passed on for generations.  KaiYen Mai then took the idea one step further and fused the tenderness of Asian-style jerky with American flavors, giving birth to Fusion Jerky. If you’ve tried jerky before, this one is different, with more complex flavors (like garlic jalapeño and rosemary citrus!) and better texture.  If jerky hasn’t necessarily been on your radar for snacking, it should be!  It’s portable,...

Free Bonus Gifts to Help You Reach Your 2015 Goals and Eat Healthy Dinners

How are you feeling post-holiday season? Since January comes after a season of a bit too much merriment and indulgence, this is an ideal time to focus on getting our life and priorities back on track. The Scramble is offering a New Year special to help you and your entire family eat healthier, while saving time and money. With every free trial or renewal membership, you get 3 bonus gifts:Save Time: eCookbook with 10 complete Family Dinners you can make in 15 minutes or less!Save Money: eCookbook with a week of Healthy Dinners you can make for under $50Lose Weight: Tips to Trim Down Quickly while feeding your family Click here to start your free trial and get your gifts. http://www.thescramble.com. P.S. Would you do me a favor and share news about our New Year special offer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? We make it super easy on our new sharing page.
  Dec 8, 2014  #Freebie Fridays 4

#Freebie Friday: Tolerant Pasta Made from Black Beans and Red Lentils!

Do you love to sit down to a bowl of pasta for dinner, but feel like you should be incorporating more protein and fiber into your meal?  Are your kids not eating their greens and simply want a bowl of mac and cheese?  Or have you eliminated pasta from your diet due to a gluten-intolerance or other allergy?  Tolerant Foods pasta-shaped legumes could be an excellent (and delicious!) alternative for you and your family.  While these products are not pasta, they could fool almost any Italian connoisseur! Tolerant Foods penne, rotini and fettuccine are made from legumes, and guess what else?  Nothing!!  That’s right--each product has ONE ingredient--either black beans or red lentils, both certified organic and non-GMO.  Founder of Tolerant Foods Tom Friedman set out to create a food that had only one ingredient, but was nutritious, tasty and great for the body.  I’ve eaten the red lentil variety of Tom’s...
  Dec 1, 2014  #Freebie Fridays 8

#Freebie Friday: Zing Nutrition Bars

Having been in the cooking and recipe creation business for as long as I have, I feel like I know a lot about good nutrition, and feel pretty confident selecting snacks for myself and my family.  So it’s nice to discover a new snack that not only has a nutritionist’s seal of approval, but has actually been created by nutritionists. While nutritionists and health professionals are often touting healthy snacks like hummus and carrots or peanut butter and celery sticks, those snacks aren’t always easy to eat while on-the-go. Enter Zing Bars--these bars provide the right balance of slow-burn carbs, high quality protein, healthy fats and fiber, all free of gluten and soy protein (not that there’s anything wrong with them for most people). Amazingly tasty, Zing Bars come in 10 tantalizing flavors including chocolate peanut butter, almond blueberry and oatmeal chocolate chip. For this week’s Freebie Friday, we are giving to 2 lucky winners a mixed box of Zing Bars (12...
  Nov 17, 2014  #Freebie Fridays 27

#Freebie Friday: Win Free Justin’s Nut Butters and Peanut Butter Cups

Can I let you in on a little secret?  I have a new boyfriend, and his name is Justin.  I like to keep him around--he’s passionate, smooth and, well, delicious.  I know, I know, I’m happily married…but I’ve really fallen for Justin and his all-natural nut butters and peanut butter cups. (Fortunately, Andrew’s hot for him, too!) Perhaps you’ve seen Justin’s Nut Butters on store shelves, but did you know that they come in 8 different scrumptious flavors including Vanilla Almond Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (move over, Nutella, this one’s not overly sweet and has about 1/3 the amount of sugar), and that Justin’s makes peanut butter cups too?  (That might be what made me really fall head over heels.) What I love about Justin’s is that they prepare their products in small batches to ensure higher quality and that each product contains only all-natural ingredients and no hydrogenated oils (something that many highly processed peanut butters contain...
  Nov 10, 2014  #Freebie Fridays 29

#Freebie Friday: In Search of the “Perfect” Snack? Look No Further!

When my kids we’re little, I would often throw snacks into my bag that were perfect for them (or for me!) when I knew we’d be on the go for several hours.  Now my kids are high schoolers, and often fend for themselves in the snack department.  Because I want to make sure they’re grabbing healthy foods when they’re running out the door, I always stock plenty of wholesome options they can reach for.  One of my new favorites is Perfect Bars.  Yes, I know there are lots of bars out there, however I believe these are a step above many other nutrition bars on the market. They contain freshly ground peanut or almond butter, are sweetened with a bit of organic honey, and include high quality protein and 20 organic super foods in one bar!  With expertly hidden ingredients such as kale, spinach and alfalfa, your kids will be eating their vegetables, too.  Perfect Bars come in a variety of flavors including, Peanut Butter, Carob Chip, Cranberry Crunch and Almond Acai.  All the...

  Nov 3, 2014  #Freebie Fridays 9

#FreebieFriday: Your Family Will Freak for These Crispy Veggie Fries

Would you like to feed your family frozen fries as a side dish for your homemade turkey burgers without feeling guilty that you’re putting junk food on their plates?  Enter Veggie Fries!  The people at Veggie Fries have found a way to deliver the classic French fry texture along with extra veggie nutrition.  (Each 3 ounce serving of Veggie Fries contains 2 full vegetable servings!) They are higher in fiber, protein and vitamins than regular French fries.  Each variety of Veggie Fries blends in farm-grown vegetables and beans, together with potatoes.  Genius, right? I was lucky enough to walk by the Veggie Fries booth at the Natural Products Expo last month.  Because I’ve never met a fry I didn’t like, I had to give them a try.  I found them to be really tasty and to have a great texture—crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Veggie Fries come in 4 delicious flavors—Carrot, Broccoli, Chickpea and Red Pepper, and Tuscan Bean and Herb, so there are ...
  Oct 26, 2014  #Freebie Fridays

#Freebie Friday: Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips

Who doesn’t get an occasional (or frequent!) craving for the satisfying, salty crunch of chips?  Instead of digging into a bag of highly processed corn chips or greasy potato chips, I suggest you give Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips a try.  They satisfy my need for a crunchy snack and they contain only unprocessed, nutritious ingredients.   I also feel good about my kids eating these chips (and I definitely can’t say the same about the mega bag of fluorescent orange “cheese” curls at the grocery store). Ocean’s Halo Chips are made from seaweed, which is considered one of the world’s tastiest Superfoods. They are organic, gluten-free and have only non-GMO ingredients.  The chips come in a variety of addictive flavors including Korean BBQ, Hot and Spicy, and Sea Salt. Two lucky winners will receive Halo prize packs that include the tasty, healthy chips in a variety of flavors. To be eligible to win, leave a comment below or on The Scramble Facebook page sharing...

Win a Copy! The 52 New Foods Challenge: A Family Cooking Adventure (and Spicy Slow-Cooked Indian Dal Recipe)

Jennifer Tyler Lee is an entrepreneur I admire.  Like many entrepreneurs, she devised a product to solve a problem she had, which was how to get her kids to be open to trying more new foods.  She created Crunch-a-Color, an award-winning healthy eating game.  Now she’s taken it another step by writing a new book for families with ideas and recipes to encourage them to try a new food each week.

Jennifer asked me to take my own food challenge with my family and share it with the news about her new book (Stay tuned—we’re also giving away 3 copies of Jennifer’s new book so you can create your own cooking adventure with your family.)

Our children, Solomon and Celia, are 17 and 15.  Aside from the fact that my daughter is a vegetarian and my son is allergic to shellfish, these formerly picky eaters are now truly adventurous, willing to sample any new food or cuisine with a relatively open mind.  They have their favorites—Celia’s still happiest when I make pasta and...