#FreebieFriday: La Orquidea Peruvian Chocolate

I discovered La Orquidea Peruvian Chocolate last year at a holiday fair in Washington, DC. I had to stop and try their chocolate bars when I saw flavors and ingredients like Dark Chocolate with Quinoa, with Kiwicha (amaranth), with Cocoa Nibs and Coconut. All of La Orquidea’s chocolates are sourced and manufactured in the Peruvian Amazon.  The bars are made in small batches by hand, providing fair wages to locals, mostly women. The cacao beans used in the chocolates won an award for the most aromatic beans at the 2009 Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

The flavors are rich and delicious and I always enjoy my food more when I know that by eating it I’m supporting local farms and communities. (I enjoy a square of dark chocolate every afternoon with my coffee.)

To enter to win a variety pack of these exotic chocolate bars in time for Valentine’s Day, leave a comment on the Scramblog by this Friday at midnight or visit Facebook to leave a comment on my giveaway post this Friday.

I encourage you to order some Peruvian Chocolate for Valentine’s Day, to give out as hostess gifts, or to enjoy yourself. But don’t wait! You can get 20% off all orders in February with the coupon code “scramble”. http://www.peruvianchocolate.com/shop.php

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10 thoughts on “#FreebieFriday: La Orquidea Peruvian Chocolate

ashioji@hotmail.com says:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, thank you so much! This will be the perfect gift for my boyfriend, it will remind him of his journey to Macchu Picchu this past summer.  Did you know the cacao tree is native to the Amazon? Your blog piqued my interest and I found this great article on the new flavors of chocolate that come from Peru: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2011/10/10/141153396/in-peru-a-hunt-for-chocolate-like-youve-never-tasted-it 
Thank you for the coupon code, I love all of your money saving tips! Your site has saved me hundreds of dollars in such a short time period, while also teaching me how to cook! You rock, Aviva!

Courtney says:

I wake up early so I can enjoy dark chocolate with my coffee (or stay up late and have it with wine)!

danathompson@juno.com says:

Coffee & dark chocolate – best snack ever!!!

Lori says:

Great dark chocolate always brings me happiness!! Thanks for sharing.

Jeannette says:

Sounds divine! Count me in. Love that you are supporting fair trade!! WHOOT, WHOOT!

Ann-Marie says:

Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing. Would make a great gift.

Mary says:

I am always looking for exotic chocolate for my hubby! Thanks for sharing!

Holly says:

A great reason to support a yummy product! Sounds delicious!

lisajoh1@optonline.net says:

Thanks for sharing. Who doesn’t love to find out about new chocolate sources! Going to check out the site now.

Karen says:

Supporting fair trade by trying award winning chocolate with extra health benefits? Sounds fantastic to me! 🙂 Thanks for passing on the info!

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