Korean Rice Bowls with Kimchi and Cucumber

Prep + Cook Time: 25 minutes

Korean Cucumber Kimchi Rice Bowls 800-6718We couldn’t believe how much we loved these savory, and crunchy rice bowls, suggested by Six O’Clock Scramble member Ailea Sneller.  Even Solomon, who normally is not a fan of tofu or mushrooms, cleaned his bowl! Scramble recipe tester Anne O’Neill said, “My 8 and 10 year olds said that they really liked the combination of flavors, they enjoyed being able to add their own toppings and decide how much kimchi (which they both tried by the way) they wanted in the dish.” Serve it with Asian dumplings or egg rolls.

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Cook the rice according to the package directions. Meanwhile, drain the tofu, wrap it in an absorbent cloth for at least 5 minutes, then dice it into... please login or register to view the full instructions.

Served with

  • Asian Dumplings or Egg Rolls

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5 thoughts on “Korean Rice Bowls with Kimchi and Cucumber

Kristin says:

My husband and I don’t like mushrooms — any suggestions for something to replace them?

Aviva says:

Yes, I think zucchini or carrots would also work really well in this.

Allison says:

Delicious! I would double the recipe next time as it was small.

Brittany says:

Delicious and definitely egg on top. I do think it’d be even better to double the sauce and will do that next time. Saving this one!

Stacy says:

This was really good. We’re big fans of Bibimbap and this was a very close approximation. I didn’t have kimchi so I used the shredded carrots mixed with rice vinegar and sriracha and I think I liked that even better than if I had kimchi. I also highly recommend putting a fried egg on top.

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