ATTENTION: This recipe's Ingredients were scaled to yield a new amount. The directions and ingredient notes below still refer to the original recipe yield of 6 servings.

Spinach and Quinoa Salad with Toasted Cashews and Dried Cranberries

Prep + Cook Time: 25 minutes

Spinach and Quinoa Salad with Toasted Cashews and dried Cranberries-2-2Nutritionally quinoa is a powerhouse, it has a pleasing texture and unlike many whole grains it cooks as quickly as white rice (although it’s actually a seed). Scramble member Julia Jayne sent me a wonderful recipe for her spinach and quinoa salad recipe that inspired my own version, which has become the highest rated recipe on our site! If you’d like a slightly sweeter flavor, add 1 tsp. of honey. Serve it with whole wheat crackers.

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Cook the quinoa according to package directions (this can be done up to 2 days in advance).

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Served with

  • Whole Wheat Crackers

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20 thoughts on “Spinach and Quinoa Salad with Toasted Cashews and Dried Cranberries

Kathryn says:

Wow. Don’t know how I missed this before, but so glad I found it now. I’m not usually a big fan of quinoa, but even I found this delicious and filling. Enjoyed leftovers for lunch.

We only had dried dill and mint. We didn’t put in nuts (braces). We only had about 1/4 c of gorgonzola and blue cheese so used that. Even so, delicious! “10 out of 10 would recommend”

Denise says:

My 16-year old son asked for two helpings, and would’ve had a third if there was any left! This one is going in my saved recipes.

Peggy says:

Loved this recipe for a hot day by the pool.
I substituted lime juice for lemon, tart cherries for cranberries, and pistachios for cashews.

I also had goat cheese on the side, in case there were non-dairy eaters. It was awesome. Will definitely remember this for potlucks.

SARINA says:

My family enjoyed this (good-food-loving hubby, 3 year old, health-nut-foodie mother in law, and father in law)– the fresh herbs REALLY just MAKE it, so I would strongly suggest not pinching pennies there. My mother in law and hubby both do not care for raw onions of any sort in salads, but they both were fine with the green onions. Used almonds because it’s what we had on hand.

TIP: If using goat cheese, we found that it all clumped together if tossed in the main salad. Next time, we will sprinkle the goat cheese on each individual serving.

This one’s a keeper!

Kirsten says:

Like other reviewers, this is a potluck favorite with lots of requests for the recipe. I skip the dill. And I’ve added chicken (chop up a roasted chicken from the grocery store).

Amy says:

For my kids, I need to use the honey sweetened version of the dressing, but wow, is this good!

Tina says:

Delicious! I’ve made this salad a couple of times now, most recenty for my moms 70th birthday party. We had close to 40 people attend and everyone kept asking about the salad and commenting on how good it was. I added a bit more honey than what the recipe called for. But otherwise pretty much followed it step for step. The flavors really meld together perfectly! This will be making a regular appeaance on my dinner menu and any future get togethers I attend!

SARINA says:

Thanks for taking the time to review this! Adding it to this week’s plan after reading these reviews 🙂

Maxine says:

Took this to a BBQ last night and everyone LOVED it. Especially those that were familiar with how incredibly healthy all the ingredients were.

Chris says:

Used roasted pine nuts as well and used farro perlato instead of quinoa this is a fab recipe and works really well when you put the just cooked perlato or quinoa in the bowl….the heat slightly wilts the baby spinach bringing out more flavor….in roasting my pine nuts I also drizzled olive oil on them as well as a course pinches of sea salt before popping them in the oven….great recipe

Sheryl says:

This is delicious and easy. I made this while we were camping and brought it to a family picnic. My gluten-free relatives loved it. I used pine nuts because I grabbed the wrong bag, but it tasted just as good.

Dawn says:

It’s even delicious with just the lemon juice for dressing if you want to eliminate the oil! Best salad ever, with or without oil.

Arwen says:

Good but too much dill. I will half it and the lemon next time I make this.

Arwen says:

Do you think walnuts or pecans could be substituted for the cashews? I have these already in my freezer.

Aviva says:

Absolutely, you could use any nut you like. Cashews have a bit of a sweeter flavor which I liked in this but I’ll bet walnuts, pecans or almonds would be great.

SARINA says:

I was wondering the same thing, thanks for asking!

Danielle says:

The hubby and I really enjoyed this salad! Delicious! If I make it again, I will probably use less fresh mint, though. My young kids didn’t like the strong flavor of the mint.

Arwen says:

Good to know. I will be serving this to some picky company. says:

This is a total crowd pleaser! My guests loved it all 3x!

Joanna says:

this is a terrific recipe. I substituted golden raisins because they have no added sugar. I will definitely make it again.

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