More Exciting Improvements to The Scramble!

Two months ago, we added a number of improvements to The Scramble website and promised that more were coming… and now they are here! As with the first round, these changes are based on member feedback and are all designed to make planning your meals and customizing your menus even easier.

These changes are significant enough that we have updated our demo videos. So while we hope that these improvements will all make the site even more intuitive and easy to use, please use the videos (see below) as a reference.

More Exciting Improvements to The Scramble

Starting on Monday, December 3rd, you will notice the following changes to The Scramble website:

Menu Actions Are Simplified. The confusing checkboxes are gone! Now, if you want to print the recipes you select, all you need to do is click the “Print Recipes” button. Want to print the recipes and grocery list, click the “Print Recipes & Grocery List” button. Want to customize the grocery list? That’s just a button click away, too! Watch the demo video here:

And here is a video on editing your grocery list:

Customizing Meal Plans Is Easier. Now when you want to customize a meal plan, all you’ll need to do is click the “Customize This Plan” button and you’ll be asked to create a name for your plan. After that, select any recipes you want (from the current menu plan, your recipe box, or the browse or search options), select the option to add it to a customized plan, and you’ll be able to pick whichever customized plan you’d like. Watch the demo video here:

Side Dishes Automatically Selected. After the last release of changes, we got feedback that you loved being able to select which recipes you wanted, but that you wished that the corresponding side dishes would be automatically selected when a main dish was selected. You asked, we delivered! Now, when you select a main dish, the side dishes will be selected as well!

We hope that these updates will help make your meal planning and grocery shopping experience that much simpler and more pleasant.

For those of you who are members, thank you so much for being a loyal part of The Scramble family! For those of you who are followers but not yet members, we hope that with these changes, we will be able to welcome you as a member! Sign up for a two-week free trial now! As a mom-owned business, your support means the world to me and to our whole team.

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