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Food is one of the most powerful tools for building connections. At The Scramble, we believe food should be savored, enjoyed, and shared, rather than restricted, avoided, or argued over. We believe the easiest way to reduce the stress surrounding eating is to incorporate simple home cooking into your daily life. Here’s how we help you do that just that:

Simple Meal Planning

We believe that family dinners are one of the most important and meaningful ways for families to stay connected and we want to help you to do this as easily, quickly, deliciously, and cost-effectively as possible. We have partnered with Prepear to make meal planning as simple as possible. Through Prepear we will help you to:

  • Plan your week’s meals in minutes
  • Grocery shop more efficiently (or order your groceries online)
  • Get dinner on the table with less stress and strain
  • Feed your family healthy, delicious meals that everyone will love
  • Save time and money

Easy Cooking

Do you find cooking to be a thankless, stressful task? Is the kitchen a daunting or overwhelming place for you? The Scramble can help! Cooking does not need to be hard or stressful, it can be simple and accessible. Let us show you how, with a few simple tools and techniques, you can easily feed yourself and your family delicious and healthy meals in very little time.

Joyful Eating

What if we told you that you could eat healthfully and happily without rules, diets, or restrictions? Or that you could learn to love and enjoy food again and share that love with your children? So many of us are in a daily battle with our food demons, which take the pleasure and community out of eating. Let’s end the war and build the peace. Whether it is feeding yourself or raising healthy eaters, we have resources that will help you to love food again.

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