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Chopping with kids
Being a small business owner and entrepreneur is one of the great joys (and challenges) of my adult life. While it can often mean that I have a flexible schedule that allows me to be present for my kids, there are also times when the work load is crazy and long hours are required. During a recent busy stretch, as I was tucking my younger son into bed, he told me that he missed me.
Fruit Kebabs
I don’t know about how it works in your house, but in mine the boys get home from school and the first thing out of their mouths is, “can I have a snack?” Coming up with healthy(ish) ideas that will get them through until dinner can be a challenge, so I pulled together a list of some favorite after school snack ideas to help keep you sane. Why After School Snacks Are Different from Other
Grilled Cheese Bar
Note: This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through these links, your cost will be the same but The  Scramble will receive a small commission. I only link to products I personally use, trust, and love. If you want to learn more, please check out my disclosure page. Thanks for your support! While I have written extensively in the blog about easing the burden of cooking and recipes to make when you
how to navigate summer
Whether at the pool, beach, or on a hike in the summer a question many parents face is how to navigate summertime treats. I think it is pretty safe to say that we have all been there: you pack a carefully thought out meal to bring to the pool, beach, picnic, or other fun summertime outing—salads or sandwiches, veggies and dip, cut up fruit, ice-cold water—you are feeling virtuous and well-prepared. When suddenly the ice
Red, White, and Blueberry Salad
Whether your Independence Day celebration includes a neighborhood cookout at the pool with burgers, hotdogs, watermelon, and other summery favorites or a picnic under the fireworks, the food for your celebration should be delicious. To help you to make this year’s plans the best yet, we have pulled together our favorite July 4th burger and salad recipes. We hope that these will bring smiles to faces and allow you to focus less on the food and more

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