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slices of watermelon can be eaten on their own or used in watermelon recipes that are perfect for summer
Is there anything more quintessentially summer than watermelon? There is something so satisfying about taking a crunchy bite and then having your mouth fill with juicy sweetness! And while I could eat it on its own anytime, I also love to combine it with other flavors for nourishing, satisfying summer dishes. To help you join in the fun, I’m share four watermelon recipes you’re sure to love. Table Of Contents Watermelon Nutrition Facts4 Watermelon RecipesWatermelon
how to feed teens in the summer
Between different sleep patterns, erratic schedules, and a growing sense of independence, it’s not uncommon for our always-hungry teenagers to begin feeding themselves more and more in the summertime. While this is great in some ways, it can also have its struggles such as a dependence on snack foods and super messy kitchens. To help you navigate this stage, I’m sharing my advice on how to feed teenagers in the summer. Table Of Contents The
creamy lime mousse
An adaptation of a favorite childhood dessert, this Creamy Lime Mousse is bright, fresh, and the perfect way to end a summer meal. And for those who have dietary restrictions that need to be met, this miraculous dish is also both gluten and dairy-free! Note: This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through these links, your cost will be the same but The  Scramble will receive a small commission. I only link
pan-fried tilapia with baby spinach and fish substitutions
We’ve all been there: you make a beautiful meal plan and head to the grocery store for your ingredients, only to find that the type of fish you were planning on preparing is unavailable, too pricey, or looking less than fresh. But worry not! We’ve pulled together a fish substitution guide so that you can still make the meal you planned for, even when you can’t find the fish you wished for. Table Of Contents
what do do when good habits slip
Did you know that Quitter’s Day is the second Friday in January? That’s the date by which approximately 80% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions give up on their new, healthy habit. But instead of throwing up our hands and joining the crowd of quitters, what if we re-framed falling off the wagon as an opportunity rather than a failure? Here are my tips on how to shift your mindset and what to do

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