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Light as a Feather Apple Fritters
These Light-as-a-Feather Apple Fritters are a fantastic snack or dessert. They’re easy enough to make for a weeknight treat, but special enough to serve to guests or enjoy during a holiday meal. The first time I was introduced to apple fritters, I hated them. I found them to be oil-laden, heavy, and without much apple flavor (something I find to be true with a lot of deep-fried foods). So, after years of making pan-fried vegetable
Parmesan Crusted Acorn Squash
If you’ve never cooked with it before, acorn squash can be a little bit intimidating, so I wanted to share my tips on how to cook acorn squash as well as recipes to get you started. My first real encounter with acorn squash didn’t come until I was in my 20s when my mom shared a recipe for an acorn squash soup that I instantly fell in love with. I savored the balance between sweetness
healthier family dinners
As parents, intuitively we know that family dinners are important for our kids’ healthy development. Not only is it a time when we can offer them nourishing food, but it is also often the one time each day that we stop running around, disconnect from technology, and actually connect with each other. And it’s not just in our heads. These benefits are also born out in the research and statistics which show that family dinners
kids cooking dinner on the grill
Intro blurb: It may seem too good to be true, but for the past five months each of my boys have been making dinner once a week. Given the success of our experiment, I wanted to share my tips on how to get your kids to cook dinner. At the end of last spring, when my boys were 11 and 14, I made a suggestion, why didn’t we use the longer summer evenings as a
Flavored Cream Cheeses
If you love bagels as much as I do, then it is time to take your love affair to the next level with homemade flavored cream cheese. I’ve got three recipes to get you started. I love bread products and of all of them one of my favorites is bagels. There is something truly special about how soft and chewy they are, but what can make them absolutely exceptional is what you put on them.