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Corporate Wellness/Working Parent Initiatives

Many companies are looking for proactive ways to improve employee nutrition and health and support working parents.

  • Workshops and webinars. Looking for a new and engaging option for your Lunch n Learn program? Want to help your employees to eat more healthfully? Whether you are looking for a one-time presentation or a wellness series, The Scramble can create a customized program to fit your organization’s needs. Topics include: meals in minutes, eating for health and happiness, raising healthy eaters, and live cooking demonstrations.
  • Wellness programs. Giveaways, raffles, and special contests encourage excitement and employee participation in healthy eating. And we make the entire program easy for you – creating emails, articles for your employee newsletters, and even social media outreach to ensure your program is a success.

Meal Plan and Recipe Licensing

Recipes (especially those that are both easy and nutritious) are known to drive many consumer decisions regarding food purchases. We can assemble a collection of recipes that meet your target dietary and taste preferences. You can then use these recipes as a “sticky” attraction for your website, newsletter, or other.

Product Promotion

Do you want to expand your reach with an energized consumer community? We love working with brands that align with our mission: helping busy people to discover the benefits of easy cooking and joyful eating. There are a variety of ways that we can work together:

  • Sponsored posts. Want to see your product highlighted in a blog post and/or on social media? We offer honest and engaging reviews of products that would be of interest to our community of busy, health conscious parents.
  • Recipe development. We specialize in simple, accessible recipes that even the busiest of people can manage. If you’d like your ingredient highlighted in such a recipe, let’s talk!
  • Giveaways. Sponsor a giveaway event on our very active Facebook and Instagram pages and/or through our substantial and engaged email list.
  • Articles in The Scramble newsletter. Sponsor an article or review in our weekly e-newsletter to our highly engaged and large list.
  • Live demonstrations. Want people to see your ingredient or product in action? We offer live demonstrations on both Facebook Live and IGTV.


Jessica Braider has made numerous public appearances, including leading workshops and cooking demonstrations promoting healthy meals and family cooking.

Tailored Written Content for Print and Online

Jessica Braider is a long-time food blogger and cooking and healthy eating educator and can create compelling content tailored to your needs.


The Scramble is always cooking up creative ways to partner with other companies that are committed to healthy families and a healthy planet.


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