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how to feed teens in the summer

How to Feed Teenagers in the Summer

Between different sleep patterns, erratic schedules, and a growing sense of independence, it is not uncommon for our always-hungry teenagers to begin to feed themselves more and more in the summertime. While this is great in some ways, it can also have its struggles such as a dependence on snack foods and super messy kitchens. To help you navigate this stage, I’m sharing my advice on how to feed teenagers in the summer.

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creamy lime mousse

Creamy Lime Mousse

An adaptation of a favorite childhood dessert, this Creamy Lime Mousse is bright, fresh, and the perfect way to end a summer meal. And for those who have dietary restrictions that need to be met, this miraculous dish is also both gluten and dairy-free!

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what do do when good habits slip

Falling Off the Wagon: What to do When Good Habits Slip

Did you know that Quitter’s Day is the second Friday in January? That’s the date by which approximately 80% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions give up on their new, healthy habit. But instead of throwing up our hands and joining the crowd of quitters, what if we re-framed falling off the wagon as an opportunity rather than a failure? Here are my tips on how to shift your mindset and what to do when good habits slip.

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