Thank you for Taking the Family Dinner Challenge:

Here is everything you need to help you get healthy dinners on the table at least three times per week:

  • A Family Challenge Checklist: print it out, post it on refrigerator, and check off family meals as you go along.
  • 4 weeks of family dinner recipes, including side dishes and grocery lists, so you can save time and money by making just one grocery trip each week. (You will receive your first meal plan in your inbox shortly.)
  • Additional ideas for dinner inspiration and ideas to put healthier eating choices in the mix for you and your family will be sent to you throughout the year.
  • And sign up for Thunderclap here – this service send a tweet or post from all of us at the same time on Sunday, September 8th.

The Family Dinner Challenge will continue through September of 2013 when we hope to gather 10,000 families to join hands around our respective dinner tables.

As an added incentive boost, all completed Family Dinner Charts will be eligible for some great prize drawings.

Join in the conversation with #DinnerChallenge.

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