Vegetarian Meal Planning


Thanks so much for The Scramble! I have never sent out an “official” comment before now. But I just love what you have done for my family, me and my busy schedule. Cooking and family nutrition have always been important to me, and I have searched for and used other menu planning services…but they don’t even begin to compare to The Scramble!  Why? Because I am a third generation vegetarian and my son (17 years old) is the fourth generation (never consciously eaten meat), it is so nice to have so many options from your menus. Thanks for respecting us! Although my husband is not a “full time” vegetarian he isn’t complaining…and you have made suppertime a much less stressful time! –Angela Bishop, Alberta, Canada


Japanese Noodle Soup

Because the Scramble focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, many Scramble recipes and meal plans are vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly.  Typically, three of the five featured recipes each week are vegetarian or can easily be made without meat. The weekly menu also includes one fish recipe.  The beauty of the Scramble is that the “non-vegetarian” members of your family usually discover that they really enjoy the meatless meals.  With the recipe database you can also search specifically for vegetarian meals to round out and customize your weekly plan.  Try Japanese Vegetable Noodle Soup.

We also regularly review and recommend new vegetarian products and substitutes.  Join today for easy, delicious vegetarian meal plans.


I cannot thank you enough for this incredible service. The Scramble has re-introduced me to a love of cooking, taken all of the stress out of meal planning, streamlined and simplified my shopping and introduced our family to lots of delicious foods. My husband and I are vegetarian and there are so many delicious recipes. Even better, I can often make part of them with meat for our son. I cannot say enough how wonderful the Scramble is. –Alisha A., Arlington, Virginia