Weight Loss Meal Planning


Dear Scramble, You did it! I am a family physician and my wife is an OB-GYN. We are busy, have 4 children, and feel strongly about doing as much of our own cooking as possible so we can be home and eating by 6:00 with our children. Your website and great quick recipes make it possible. And even better, we are eating low-fat, heart-healthy foods that I can recommend to my patients and friends!” –Dr. Marc Bingham of Boiling Spring, SC


While the Scramble is not a diet plan, we do derive and select our recipes using healthy nutritional guidelines.  But for those following specific diet plans, the Scramble system helps you build a custom menu plan to keep you on track:
MooShu Vegetable Wraps

  • Low Fat diets: Using the Recipe Database you can select recipes that are low fat (less than 30% of calories from fat, less than 7% from saturated fat).  Many Scramble recipes also specify low-fat substitutions. Try our Moo Shu Vegetable Wraps.
  • High Fiber diets: Scramble High Fiber recipes have 5 grams or greater of fiber per serving. Try Soup-er Easy Black Bean and Corn Soup.
  • Low Carb diets:  These recipes have 10 or less total grams of carbohydrates. Try Magic Salmon in a Foil Packet.
  • Weight Watchers: Because a full nutritional analysis is included with each main course and side dish, you can easily calculate your Weight Watchers points for each meal.

Also, since Scramble meals are tested for their “family friendliness”, you can eat healthfully with your family.  This eliminates the need for making special “diet” meals, thereby assuring that you can establish a long-term healthy eating lifestyle. Even without a special diet, many subscribers report that they lose weight by cooking the Scramble’s healthy meals.  Sign up and achieve your healthy weight.


Since you were talking about weight loss a few weeks ago, I will tell you that I have lost 22 pounds cooking for my family with your healthy recipes and I now weigh what I weighed at my wedding.  Never thought I would see those numbers again! –Tara B.


Since we started cooking with The Scramble, my husband’s cholesterol has dropped 36 points into the healthy range! –Katie B of Illinois


Aviva, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful these recipes have been for us! I am on Weight Watchers, and so the nutritional info for each recipe has been awesome! In the month I’ve been making Six O’Clock Scramble recipes (and working out, of course) I’ve lost 10 pounds! And the food is soooo good. We hardly eat out now., and I actually WANT to cook. I’ve been telling my friends all about it. Thanks so much for what you do! –Amy W., Minot, North Dakota


We have only been members for a few months, but I truly see this as something we will be a part of for years and years!  I tell everyone about it!  My husband and I have both lost weight since we are able to have food in the house and can quickly prepare meals between Taekwondo, soccer, etc.  We are not running through the drive through nightly grabbing some high fat, high calorie fast food. –Deborah R, The Woodlands, Texas