Restore Sanity with Stress-Free Meal Planning Service


Your service has been life changing for me! I love having the afternoon to spend playing with my son instead of stressing out about what’s for dinner. –Kimberly Hallman, South Carolina


Is dinnertime one of the most stressful hours of your day?

  • The stress of deciding what to make for dinner
  • The scramble to pull together ingredients from your refrigerator and pantry.  (Oops, the chicken still needs to defrost!)
  • The last minute drive-bys to the supermarket for forgotten ingredients
  • The challenge of cooking after an exhausting day
  • The frustration of finally getting something on the table only to have it be rejected by your picky eaters
  • The guilt of knowing that fast dinners often mean unhealthy dinners like fast food and packaged meals


Let The Scramble be your Family Dinner Expert and lift away all the planning, the guilt and the dinnertime stress.  Let us help you make family dinners a success each and every night:

  • Dinners that taste great, and are nutritious
  • Quick and easy meals that take less than 30-minutes (some less than 10 minutes)
  • Family-tested recipes that your entire family will enjoy without whining or bribery
  • Connecting with your family each night around the dinner table
  • Healthy meals and inspiring ideas to help you get away from chicken nuggets and pizza out of a box

The Scramble is more than a collection of great recipes — it is a system for changing your family dinners and your busy evenings for the better.  Try the Scramble now and make dinnertime a pleasure for you and your family.


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am to have found out about your service. I have been preparing Scramble meals for 2 weeks now, and I honestly feel like it has changed my life. I have 2 little ones who keep me so busy, so grocery shopping must be kept to a minimum. Knowing that I can get all the groceries for one week in one outing is a HUGE stress relief for me. The meals are super delicious and SO easy. I actually look forward to meal prep time now, instead of dreading it! Thank you for providing this service, and doing a fantastic job each week with easy, healthy recipes and useful tips. –Nina J, Alberta, Canada


Love it, love it, love it. You have brought a new sense of peace to my family around dinner. We went for a walk before dinner last night and my husband commented on how I wasn’t stressed about what I was going to make for dinner…it was all done. The food has been delicious. Thanks for making life simpler!!! –Tanya M., Mill Valley, California