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How My Vanity Got Me Drinking More Water and 4 Tricks That Can Help You to Drink More Water, Too

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how my vanity got me drinking water 4 tricks help to drink more water

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I have never much liked water. It tastes bland and uninspiring to me, so staying well hydrated has often been a challenge. There are so many reasons why drinking enough water is important—from decreased cravings and mindless snacking to better health and better skin. But none of these was really enough of a motivator for me… until recently.

This is embarrassing to admit, but the thing that really motivated me was a sign of aging that suddenly sprung up on my face. As I have become well established in my 40s, I have noticed that there are a few spots on my face where lines show, even when I’m expressionless. Yup, my vanity is what inspired me to drink more water.

I never thought this was something that would happen to me. When I was in my 20s I always declared with absolute confidence that I would “age gracefully.” I would embrace my changing face and body with open arms. Now that I really see those changes take place, however, I have found that it is more difficult to embrace than I would have expected and while I may not be running out for surgery or medical interventions, I have struggled with the fact that no one mistakes me for being 21 anymore.

So after doing some research about easy things that I could do to fight off those fine lines, I settled on starting by drinking more water. As I set out on this personal experiment I found that the effect was almost immediate: on the days when I drank enough water, the lines on my face would disappear (or at least dissipate), but when I slacked off, those little lines started showing up again.

4 Tricks That Help You to Drink More Water

Given my personal experience, I have tried to find the tricks that would make drinking water a natural part of my daily life and there are a few that helped a lot. So, I thought that I would share the 4 tricks that I have found help you to drink more water, in case this is a challenge for you too:

flavored water can help you to drink more

1) Flavor the water

Flavoring the water with some fruit, vegetables, herbs, or a combination makes the water much more interesting and palatable for me. Some of my favorites so far are: strawberries and basil, oranges and rosemary, and pineapple cores (I keep them when I cut up a pineapple, chop them up into 1-inch pieces, and store them in a sealed container for the next few days). Lemons, limes, and cucumbers are also great. Check out some other delicious combinations here.

sparkling water can help you to drink more water

2) Make it sparkling

I’ve never been a big soda fan, but give me a big glass of fizzy water and I’ll happily chug it down! Going through all those plastic bottles felt pretty awful environmentally, though, so we’re big fans of our Soda Stream, which allows us to make our own sparkling water (with their reusable bottles). I can honestly say that when our Soda Stream cartridge runs out, my water intake drops considerably.

I know some people are worried about the health implications of fizzy water, so I was deeply grateful when Sally from Real Mom Nutrition, put out this great, well-researched article about the health effects of sparkling water. It definitely put my mind at ease.

Bonus tip: Another one like this that will depend on where you live and the quality of your water, but if the water coming out of your tap doesn’t taste great, a filter can be super helpful! It can be a Brita or Pur pitcher or a filter in your fridge. When we’re at my parents’ house, where the water quality is excellent, we find this isn’t necessary, but here in the DC area where the water is not so great, the filter makes all the difference!

reusable bottles can you to drink more water

3) Bring water with me

Bringing water with me wherever I go, or at least making sure I have a big glass before I leave the house has been another game-changer for me. I can’t stand having to buy bottled water when I am out and about. This is partially because I’m cheap, but also because all those plastic bottles are terrible for the environment. Because I hold out on buying drinks, though, I often would end up dehydrated when out and about.

So I’m working on consistently bringing my own water bottle, which is easier than ever now with the myriad of reusable bottles available. This is one I’m, still working on, but it does make a big difference.

cell phone

4) Set a timer

One of the things I noticed as I started to pay attention to my water intake was that I don’t notice when I’m thirsty. I know this sounds weird, especially since I am ALWAYS aware when I’m hungry, but when I’m busy I just don’t stop to think to take a drink.

I mentioned this challenge to a friend and she wisely suggested that I try setting a timer on my phone to remind me to drink. Set the timer on my phone to remind me to drink. I know it sounds silly and if I’m being honest I don’t do this one as often as I should, but when I do it really does help! Having that gentle nudge on a regular basis is so helpful, especially on days when I am super busy or distracted.

What do you do to stay hydrated? Are there benefits to drinking water that you have noticed yourself? What are the tricks that help you to drink more water?

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