What To Make for Dinner? Family Dinner Ideas


We love the meals! I have a family of five and our three kids never seem to agree on any meal plan. Every Scramble meal I have made they have liked! They have even gotten into the act of helping to prepare them. Each week they ask “are we having a scramble dinner tonight?” When I answer yes they say “Oh good!” Thanks so much for making this so easy, yummy, fast and healthy! –Jennifer V., Downers Grove, Illinois


When we ask busy families what is their greatest frustration at dinnertime, here’s what they say:

  • Thinking: “Having to think about what to make each night.”
  • Motivation: “Hard to get motivated to cook when I am tired at the end of the day.”
  • Planning: “I find the research, menu planning, and creating a shopping list part totally daunting and overwhelming.”
  • Variety: “Inspiration!  Keeping it creative!  We are in such a food rut!  The whole family gets tired of the same old few dishes.”

Let’s face it.  There are millions of recipes online and in cookbooks collecting dust on our shelves.  There are shopping list apps.  There are thousands of articles on healthy eating.  But even with all these resources, most busy families struggle with one question each night – What do we make for dinner?




The Scramble does the thinking for you.  We simplify the process so each week in one place you receive:

  • A weekly, seasonal menu plan that you can use “as is” or customize to your family’s tastes/diets.
  • Recipes that are healthy, family-friendly, easy to prepare.
  • Simple Side dishes to round out the meal in taste and nutrition.
  • Flavor Boosters – or extra spice options for those who like more pizzazz
  • Do Ahead Tips so you can make dinner even faster and easier
  • Organized Shopping List – whirl through the grocery store never forgetting an ingredient (and you’ll bypass all that processed food!)

Sign up for The Scramble free trial and for the next two weeks you’ll have the relief of knowing exactly what’s for dinner!


Click here to view a sample menu, complete with recipes and an organized grocery list.


I have been using your service for about four months now and you have saved my life!  I love to cook dinner but was going back to the same old thing each night.  My husband would ask ‘What’s for dinner?’ and I would say ‘Chicken, chicken or chicken’.  Your meals and plan fit our family style, budget, and life.  I could go on forever about how great your meals are and how easy the service is. –Susan K., Alexandria, Virginia