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My 4 year old son has many allergies, including nuts, dairy, shellfish, and eggs.  My 8 year old daughter is a vegetarian.  My 10 year old daughter is a classic picky eater.  My husband refuses to eat anything without meat–just think “caveman.”  Last week I realized how much the Scramble has helped our routine.  I have gotten in the habit of using the recipe box to customize my menu plan each week, 5 recipes.  I am able to pick recipes that all of my family can eat, with little modification each evening.  This has helped my pickiest eater try new things, which is good for her.  On Fridays I order the groceries through a grocery delivery service in my neighborhood, and receive them over the weekend.  I cook 2 recipes on Sunday, then my nanny cooks 3 nights during the week.  When I didn’t do that last weekend, my family was a wreck all week!  We ordered take-out, and ate out, and ate whatever boring things we pulled from the freezer.  We felt more stressed, and didn’t eat together the way we usually do.  I am sitting here this morning, printed out my recipes, ordered my groceries, and strangely, I feel like my world is now back in order. Thank you for saving me so much time and energy, and helping my family feel more connected, in a way I never predicted or even realized until we didn’t have it! –Dawn S., Hopkinton, Massachusetts


According to a recent poll of Six O’Clock Scramble members, 44 percent of Scramblers have a family member with food allergies.  Many families become adept at substituting ingredients and adapting recipes to meet their dietary needs, using sunflower seeds instead of nuts, for example, or soy cheese instead of dairy cheese.  To address this issue, last year we added codes for each recipe to indicate whether they are dairy free, nut free or gluten free.  Scramblers can easily search for recipes and create a menu plan that meets their family’s dietary needs.

Caesar SaladTry the following recipes:

And try the Scramble and follow our easy, delicious meal plans that will work with all your food allergies.


Thank you from a food allergic family!  Signing up for the Scramble has been life changing. We are most definitely an eat-at-home, cook from scratch family as my son is severely allergic to egg in all forms. I have always tried to plan ahead, shop effectively, and cook interesting healthy things, but before the Scramble we seemed to be eating the same things all the time. I always thought I’d have that extra minute to plan in a few days, and it never came. I was always grumpy about the shopping/cooking and felt stressed about life in the kitchen. We signed up for the Scramble in late fall and it has been fabulous. I was a little hesitant because of my son’s allergy. I am so thrilled with the Scramble. The shopping is easy, we are using new spices and trying new foods, the recipes are fun, and the kids (who can be picky) really like most of them. My son (6) even loved last week’s lentil soup so much that he said it was “better than candy!” And I had expected tears upon serving that one. In addition, the food allergy has also not been an issue as if there is an egg dish on the weekly menu I can just uncheck it from the list and have another one put in and updated on my grocery list—too fabulous. You do not use many processed foods so there’s no risk of cross contamination for us. This has been a life saver for me! –Belinda W, Cambridge, Massachusetts