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Prepear Transition

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Back in May and June, 2020 we sent a number of emails announcing a big transition in our meal planning service: it is now hosted on a new platform, Prepear. In the emails and via pop-ups on the members’ side of The Scramble we notified our members that as of January 1, 2021, the members platform would be taken down. Here’s everything you need to know about the switch to Prepear and how it impacts you.

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Answers to All Your Questions

The following are answers to questions we anticipate you might have.

How do I switch to Prepear?

Click here and enter the email address you use for your Scramble account. Prepear has agreed to honor the remainder of your Scramble membership. When that membership expires, you will be enrolled in Prepear. If, after trying Prepear, you decide not to move forward with it, you can cancel before your Scramble expiration date and will not be charged. 

Will I still get weekly meal plans on Prepear?

Yes! Each Saturday a new weekly plan is released made up entirely of Scramble recipes. You will be notified over email and the new Scramble meal plan will be automatically populated into your Prepear meal planner for you to edit and use as you wish! 

What happens to my Recipe Box and Customized Meal Plans on The Scramble?

They come with you! As long as you use the email address that you used for your Scramble account, all of your favorites will be stored on the Prepear platform for you to use with ease! 

What if I don’t want to make the switch to Prepear?

We have also made almost all Scramble recipes available through The Scramble’s recipe search feature (the only ones not transferred were recipes with low ratings). This way you can access all of your favorite recipes, just without the meal planning platform. 

Why did The Scramble make this switch?

Prepear has a lot of features that Scramble members have long asked for, but that we were unable to provide such as a native mobile application, online grocery delivery, adding your own recipes, etc. You can learn more about the decision and the benefits of Prepear here.

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