Curried Coconut Shrimp

Prep + Cook Time: 30 minutes

My friend Nachama Wilker made this heavenly dish for a potluck feast for my birthday a few years ago. If you can’t find unsweetened coconut, you may want to use the optional coconut milk instead so the dish isn’t too sweet. Serve it with Indian Quinoa Pilaf.

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(Start the quinoa first, if you are serving it.) In a large heavy skillet, toast the coconut over medium heat, stirring often, until it is light brow... please login or register to view the full instructions.

Served with

  • Indian Quinoa Pilaf

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10 thoughts on “Curried Coconut Shrimp

Melinda says:

i made this last week and my husband asked which brand of jarred curry sauce I used. He really liked it a lot. It was flavorful but not too spicy.

Joanna says:

This was delicious. Was definitely glad I added the optional coconut milk, though. I used a spicy curry blend.

Anne says:

Everyone enjoyed this dinner in our house – and served the curry w. plain quinoa. For the curry, we added 1 red pepper sliced into thin strips w. the onion (yellow). Also, I did not puree the entire sauce, just the tomatoes and added them to the vegetables with the coconut milk. Instead of removing the sauce from the pan, I just added the shrimp to the curry and let them cook in the sauce (along w. 1C frozen peas for more veg).

Kirsten says:

Both my boys expressed surprise at liking this recipe “because there’s green stuff and chunky tomatoes” and used their raw veggies to lap up the extra sauce. I made the recipe with 1/2 shrimp (adults) and 1/2 diced chicken (kids) and both were delicious. I used the optional lite coconut milk. Totally ok to skip the toasted coconut on top.

Leslie says:

My family and I liked this dish. I served it with rice, and used half the can of coconut milk in the rice, and the rest in the recipe, stirring in a little at the very end for extra coconut flavor. says:

Overall all the dishes are very powerful, I wouldn’t make this again. says:

Would this dish work with chicken?

Aviva says:

I think it would be delicious with chicken! If you make it that way will you please leave a comment letting us know how it turned out? I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work well.

Joy says:

Tried this with chicken tenders (for quick cooking) tonight, and it was delish!

Bianca says:

Note that this is not curried coconut shrimp, but perhaps coconut curry shrump. TMost people probably think of coconut shrimp as the shrimp breaded with coconut and deep fried. However, the dish as written is still great. I would probably leave out the lime juice next time, as it made the curry sauce too bright. The coconut milk is a must. Both the basmati rice with optional spices and cauliflower poppers are wonderful additions that make this a cohesive, flavorful meal.

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