Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt with Kids

With the lure of fresh baked goods, luscious fruit, chocolate and the occasional adorable puppy, my kids usually don’t need to much more incentive to come with me to the farmer’s market (or the “farmer”, as they used to call it.)  Nonetheless, I love this creative scavenger hunt that Michelle Stern of the fabulous What’s Cooking Blog ( put together for parents, teachers or camp counselors to do with kids when they visit the farm markets.  Let me know how your kids score on the hunt!   

“Before school starts, gather your kids and take them to the farmer’s market.  They will love to taste the fresh and seasonal produce.  They might also enjoy a little detective work…

Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt

  1. Find a yellow fruit or vegetable.  What is it?
  2. Find a purple food with an interesting shape.  What is it?
  3. Find a red food that is bigger than your fist.  What is it?
  4. Find a green food that you have not tasted before.  What is it?
  5. Taste an organic strawberry and one that conventionally grown (not organic).  Compare the flavor.  Which one tastes better?
  6. Find something that grows on a vine:
  7. Find something that grows underground:
  8. Find something that grows on a tree:
  9. Ask 3 people if a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable.
  10. What are two examples of a “stone fruit?”
  11. Taste them and say which one you liked better.
  12. Ask 3 vendors what time they woke up this morning…
    …and how long it took them to get here (time or distance)
  13. Find two stands that sell peaches.  How do their prices compare?  (For older kids: List 3 reasons why might one be more expensive than the other?)

Courtesy of Michelle Stern,

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4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt with Kids

Katy says:

This looks like so much fun! Thank you for posting this. We have at least three farmers markets close by and haven’t really been to any of them. This will be a great activity for later this week.

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