Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

Prep + Cook Time: 35 minutes

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Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. With an electric mixer, beat the egg whites on medium-high speed until foamy. Add the cream of tartar and continue to... please login or register to view the full instructions.

Served with

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

Nancy says:

OMG! These are exactly like my great grandmothers! I added vanilla which I remember her recipe had. I don’t know if it makes any difference but I also remember her instructions to bake the cookies on the reverse side of aluminum foil. Wow these are amazing. Trader Joe’s makes a version that is super hard and no chocolate. These are melt in your mouth FANTASTIC! Just like Grandma’s!

Stacey says:

These are incredible (and gluten free!!). So easy and so inexpensive to make…a great little treat without any processed junk in it. I will never buy meringue cookies at the store again!

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