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This Letter Made My Day!

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Kim Votava-White FamilyMy happiest mornings start out when I open my email inbox and get a “love letter” from a Scramble member.  My team and I are so incredibly focused on making The Scramble the best meal planning resource for you and your family.  Our goal is to make it easier for you to get a healthy dinner on the table and enjoy it with your family.  But because it’s a virtual product and we don’t have a storefront, we crave direct interaction with members so we can get your feedback and make sure we are on the right track, or hear how it’s working for your family. Do you have any feedback, positive, negative or just interesting? A suggestion for how we can do better? If so, please send it right to my inbox at

I want to share this letter I received from a Scramble member after I sent an email recently about our birthday.   

Dear Jessica, 

You and your team have been doing a great job!!  I really try to spread the word!  I always have my Scramble grocery list in the supermarket and am stopped frequently and asked what am I doing!  I am hoping that some of those questions have turned into clients for you.

I stress to everyone how easy it is to use and how much less stressed I am about making dinner and going grocery shopping.  And my husband has even said I have gotten much better at cooking (I had nowhere to go but up :)).

The overriding issue I see with respect to people not participating in something like The Scramble is the fact that parents are afraid to introduce a variety of foods to their kids early on.  I still encounter way too many kids who only eat macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets and pizza.  While these are fun foods (and my kids LOVE them), we need to continue the push to introduce kids to all foods.

And this is where you do such a great job; by offering a variety of healthy dinner recipes that kids will like and some they won’t.  But with the ease with which your recipes can be made, it is easy to slip in a little fruit or small side dish that can be served alongside so that a taste of all can occur.

We have a rule in my house…I make one dinner…you have to try everything.  It is ok not to like it, but you have to tell me why (tell me about the taste), how would you change or improve it, and there is always something on the plate that can be eaten.  If not…there is always breakfast!

I also want to say another thank you.  My mother in law had celiac (she passed away in October last year).  I was cooking meals for her.  Same rule above applied, I only cooked one meal.  You also made that process very easy, and without realizing (maybe) showed your clients that eating gluten-free isn’t difficult.

With you, we have eaten fresher, more wholesome meals, and my kids will try anything!  I may even have a budding chef.  My 11-year-old son and I get into cooking competitions – he thinks he can cook better than I! That is not saying much, but it does seem that everything that he concocts has been absolutely wonderful (and he is not afraid to try)!

I am excited for your continued success, and grateful that you have helped make my life a little more stress free!

Happy Birthday!

Kim Votava-White

(If, like Kim, you’d like to up the likelihood of having consistent family dinners, give The Scramble family meal planning service a try.  The Scramble sends thousands of families a ready-made, seasonal dinner plan for the week so they can let go of all the stress at 6:00 and bring joy and good nutrition to the dinner table.)

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