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Family Dinner
For most of us, hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a formidable, if not stressful, event. In addition to the cooking, there are so many details to plan from the decorations to the shopping, not to mention the family dynamics that can come into play or that all of this is often prepared for much bigger crowds than we are used to. We Scramblers know that planning and shopping ahead is the key to saving
smashed pumpkin
Tomorrow Halloween will be over; the kids will be coming down off of their sugar highs, you’ll be removing spider webs, bats and ghouls from your front yard (don’t forget to save them for next year) and trying to resist eating all their candy.  Your pumpkins will be shaking off the festivities by starting to decompose. Now I too have been guilty of leaving the carved pumpkins on our front stoop until they turn black
cloth napkins
I grew up with cloth napkins. But when my kids were little I couldn’t quite face the idea of adding cloth napkins to my weekly laundry rotation. But it killed me that we were going through so many paper towels and napkins. So I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter, who assured me that using cloth napkins is hardly any extra work and that if you take them out of the dryer and fold
carrie log border
Special post by Carrie Witkop In my urban neighborhood, just outside of Washington, DC, and just inside the large freeway known as the Beltway, I am known as the composting queen and an environmental pioneer because of some of the ways I save resources and even use them to beautify my yard.  Through composting, mulching and collecting rainwater, I reduce waste and redirect it to growing beautiful fruit trees and flowers and creating an urban
broiled salmon with mustard soy crust
What I’ve learned from my years as a family dinner planning expert is that the key to maintaining our sanity around dinnertime, plus reducing waste and saving time and money, is to plan a few meals in advance (I usually plan 4 or 5) and try to grocery shop just once a week.  I’ve developed 6 steps to easy weekly menu planning: 1. Keep a grocery list somewhere prominent in your kitchen so that you

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