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Dark Chocolate Smores
A Note from Jessica: Growing up, I always thought of camping food as bland, boring meals that were made better by the promise of s’mores at the end. As a young adult, my friends opened my eyes to a whole new world of camping cuisine that was flavorful and delicious, but even now I wouldn’t know where to begin on my own. So I am deeply grateful to guest columnist Diana Molavi (long-time Scramble member)
Plastic Waste
By guest blogger, Anne Schleicher, Lakewood, Ohio Do you ever feel a tinge of guilt when, in the course of preparing a meal, you throw out food packaging? I really started to after reading about efforts to reduce a mass of plastic waste floating in the North Pacific Ocean. Dr. Marcus Eriksen of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation estimates it could be twice the size of the continental U.S.! Held in place by swirling undercurrents,
farmer's market
Research shows that one way to get your kids to try new foods is to engage them in the selection and cooking of them. This fun and engaging farmers’ market scavenger hunt is one great way to do that. With the lure of fresh baked goods, luscious fruit, chocolate and the occasional adorable puppy, my kids usually don’t need to much more incentive to come with me to the farmer’s market (or the “farmer”, as
roasted carrot and beet salad with goat cheese
Taste buds are mystifying things.  How is it possible that I could gobble up fresh steamed beets like candy, while they disgust my friend Jeanne (and a lot of other people I know)?  Or that for many food lovers mushrooms are a delicacy, while for others like my colleague Betsy, they are repulsive? Sure, we all have certain foods that we love or hate with a passion, but in my 12 years of creating and