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How to Make Sweet Potato Toast in Toaster or Oven

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Sweet Potato toast makes a surprisingly delicious and satisfying gluten-free substitute for toast. So we’re sharing how to make it and lots of fun topping options!

Sweet Potato ToastSweet Potato Toast

The following post was written by Scramble founder Aviva Goldfarb.

For most of my life I have suffered from frequent migraines, often as many as 10 – 15 a month. This is a condition known as chronic migraines, and often people like me who have it usually try numerous medicines, alternative health regimens, and various procedures to try to alleviate the discomfort. Sometimes, though, we just get used to living with the pain of bad headaches a lot of the time.

For me, my migraines are sometimes lie-in-bed-with-the-lights-off-and-cry-bad but usually, if the meds aren’t working, they are a painful nuisance and I try to ignore them and go about my business. My mode is never to NOT do anything because of a migraine because then I would miss 1/3 of my life. I have given presentations in front of 100 people and cooked on national TV with a migraine.


Aviva FamilyA Gluten-Free Diet

Over the years, people have suggested LOTS of things to try to get rid of migraines and I have tried many of them, from acupuncture, to meditation, to getting 31 shots of Botox in my head and neck, to eating almonds soaked in milk every day, to giving up wine, coffee, sugar, etc., and nothing really helped. Several people also told me to try going gluten-free but I wasn’t willing to do something that would so inconvenience me and had zero scientific evidence behind it.

Last month I hit the end of my rope after 15 migraines in 30 days and I decided to try going strictly gluten-free for 30 days. It has been a miraculous transformation. I’m more than 30 days in, and my migraines are nearly nonexistent.

If you or anyone you know suffers from chronic migraines, you might want to try a gluten-free diet. In my experience, you’ll know almost immediately if it’s working or not. And despite the inconvenience, it’s so worth it to live without the headaches.

Now that I can’t eat regular bread and other foods with gluten, I have been experimenting with some new gluten free foods and recipes. One of my absolute favorite discoveries is sweet potato toast, which makes a surprisingly delicious and satisfying gluten-free substitute for toast. Sweet potato toast is just “toast” made from thinly-sliced sweet potatoes. You can make sweet potato toast with or without a toaster and even freeze it so you can cook it quickly for breakfast.

Sweet Potato

How to make sweet potato toast

  1. Thinly slice a sweet potato the long way (I recommend using organic sweet potatoes since you will be eating the skin) into about 1/4-inch slices. If necessary, cut off the end of the sweet potato for added stability for slicing.
  2. If you have a slot toaster, toast the sweet potato slices with nothing on them for 2 – 3 rounds or until they are tender and browned in spots.
  3. Or, In a toaster or regular oven, cook the slices at 450 degrees for 15 – 25 minutes until they are tender and brown in spots, flipping once.

Enjoy them immediately or let them cool and freeze them for up to 3 months, then pop them back in the toaster oven or toaster to reheat them.

Ideas for sweet potato toast toppings

One of the things I love most about sweet potato toast is how many wonderful options there are for topping it. From sweet to savory, there is something for any mood you are in. Here are some of my favorites:

Sweet Potato Toast

  • cream cheese and lox (dill or capers)
  • avocado, lemon, and salt
  • avocado and sliced hard boiled eggs
  • pesto
  • butter
  • butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon
  • nut butter
  • nut butter topped with bananas, cinnamon, and cacao nibs
  • mashed bananas and walnuts
  • apple butter
  • crumbled gorgonzola
  • avocado, feta, and crumbled bacon
  • scrambled eggs
  • ricotta and honey
  • cottage cheese
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • goat cheese and rosemary or honey
  • cumin and lime
  • tahini and sliced dates (courtesy of sweet potato soul)
  • tahini and lemon
  • sweet pepper jam

What do you like or would you like to try on your sweet potato toast? Let me know in the comments below.

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