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baked squash blossoms
Years ago, my family joined a CSA (community supported agriculture), otherwise known as a farm share. We joined because I really wanted to take advantage of local, responsibly grown produce. Being a member of the CSA has been a truly wonderful experience—from the warm and friendly staff, to the community atmosphere amongst the members, to the access to truly seasonal fruits and vegetables! One of the unexpected joys of being a part of the CSA
Cajun Fish Sandwiches with Crunchy Slaw
If you regularly prepare food for others, chances are you’ve had to cope with a picky eater at some point. It’s even possible that you yourself are a picky eater. And while life would be much easier if all picky eaters liked or disliked the same foods, the reality is that just as every individual has different taste and texture preferences, the same is true for picky eaters. While we tend to think of a
lots of to dos
While many of us would love to be enjoying calm and idyllic family dinners each night, the reality is often far from that ideal. Busy schedules and tired and cranky kids (not to mention tired and cranky adults), can all lead to stressful evenings that leave us feeling drained and defeated. But, while I can’t promise perfection, I do have some potential solutions to 5 of the biggest family dinner obstacles. Different Ages, Different Stages
ice cream roll cake
This is a recipe that is near and dear to my heart. My mom gets all of the credit for this ice cream roll cake. It’s the recipe that she came up with to make our birthday cakes when I was a kid. And it’s the recipe I have been using for 14 years to make birthday cakes for my own kids. It’s also the recipe that taught me a number of different cooking skills
Parents, I know there are few things more frustrating than putting all that work into shopping for and preparing a lovely meal, setting it on the table, and then having your child or children (let alone your partner!) refuse to even taste it. As the parent of a formerly picky eater, I also know that there is hope, although it requires lots of time and patience (and probably a few screams or tears).  This aforementioned

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