How Do Grandparents Affect Your Six O’Clock Scramble?

Are grandparents an essential piece of the puzzle in your home when it comes to caring for children or helping with the daily six o’clock scramble? Or, on the flip-side, does caring or cooking for your parents or in-laws help add to your dinnertime chaos?

Last week I wrote a post on PBS Parents Kitchen Explorers about how grandparents can help families get dinner on the table. In the post, I shared some tips from Dr. Ruth Nemzoff of Brandeis University and author of several books on adult relationships with their parents and in-laws, for how grandparents can make things easier for families at dinnertime, even if they live far away.

When I asked Scramblers on Facebook how grandparents play a part in their mealtimes, I got some fascinating responses:

Cooking for Grandma: My mom only needs meals for one person so we often give her our leftovers. After all the years she cooked for me growing up it is nice to give back.  — Alison Powers

Grandma Shares Recipes: Our extended family lives clear across the country from us. My mother …is gracious to share recipes and family favorites. She was quite an amateur gourmet back when I was growing up. When first married, I used to call her almost weekly for recipe ideas. — Amy Hendrix Smith

Grandpa Cooks and Freezes for Family: My parents don’t live close but when they do come in town, my dad makes something I can freeze and serve later.  And he normally leaves me with two meals in my fridge for that week too so I don’t have to cook. It’s great! — Sarah Taylor Dorey

Virtual Grandparents: They keep us company on Skype while we eat dinner. — Julie Ross

Grandma Picks up Child, Helps with Dinner, In-laws Skype: My mom comes over every Tuesday and Thursday after work. She often picks up my older child, helps set the table, and helps wash dishes. My in-laws sometimes Skype with my husband and kids. When they visit from Sweden, they pick up both kids and play with them, which is a huge help for me to get dinner on the table. — Rona Livnat Kronenberg

Grandparents Pick up the Check: Sometimes they help greatly by inviting us out to dinner.  — Julia Engel

Do your parents help you keep dinner on track, or do you cook for them? I’d love to know what works in your family. Please leave a comment below.

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One thought on “How Do Grandparents Affect Your Six O’Clock Scramble?

Steph says:

My in-laws host a weekly Sunday night dinner for everyone. I love this family time every week! It gives my kids a chance to hang out with their cousins, and gives us all time to catch up with all the family. It’s also nice not to have to cook dinner one night each week!

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