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how to get kids to talk at the dinner table
“Hey Dad, want to hear how my day at school was?” Those beautiful 11 words came out of my 13-year-old son’s mouth the other night at dinner. And I’m not gonna lie, when he spoke them, I teared up. Not because I was worried that he felt ignored or forgotten, but because it was proof that family dinners in our household are what I always hoped they would be: a place where we all feel
feeding a crowd
Before kids, meeting out at bars and restaurants or hosting dinner parties were the ways that my husband and I most often socialized and we loved it. When kids came along, however, something changed: somehow meeting friends at a restaurant with toddlers in tow just wasn’t as relaxing. Similarly, intricately planned three or four course meals that I cooked over a day or two just weren’t realistic. So we made a shift—we started hosting family
how to feed teens on a budget
Is feeding your bottomless pit known as a teenager breaking the bank? Here are our tips for how to feed teens on a budget. When I learned that my second child was also going to be a boy, a moment of panic struck as my first thought was: how are we going to pay the grocery bills when they get older?! You see, big eaters have always been a part of my life. I grew
As Mother’s Day has approached over the past few years, I have posed a question on The Scramble Facebook page to determine what moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day.  I always love reading through the comments—some are funny, some are sad, and some remind me of just how exhausted we moms often are. Moms’ answers vary widely! Some want the classic breakfast-in-bed. “Quiet”, “sleep,” or “don’t want to be touched by little hands for the
Meal Plan
Are you frustrated with the way meals are going in your house? Depending too much on takeout or cereal for dinner? Tired of the late-afternoon panic to figure out what’s for dinner? Then maybe it’s time to turn things around with my 10 ways to make meal planning easy. Confession time: For years I resisted meal planning. I saw it as an extra task to add to my list, I chafed at the idea that

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